Practice areas

- Advice and assistance of the highest level -

Our lawyers can offer you top-quality advice and assistance on most legal matters. We furnish our clients with advice and assistance in each one of the following areas of law and this with regard to transactions, legal proceedings or arbitration alike. We inform, advise and jointly advocate our clients’ interests within the following areas of law. (Choose a practice area on the left)

Liability and insurance law

  • Civil liability
  • Medical liability
  • Claims
  • Tort law
  • Injury claims
  • Legal assistance
  • Professional liability
  • Civil liability of public authorities
  • Occupational accidents
  • Insurance intermediaries
  • Level of insurance cover, subrogation, lapse in coverage, recourse
  • Product Liability Act

Company and association law

  • Setting up companies and associations
  • The workings of companies and associations
  • Dissolution and liquidations
  • Drawing up shareholders and management agreements
  • Dispute resolution between partners and/or directors
  • Director and auditor liability
  • Assistance with companies between spouses and in family business matters
  • Share and asset takeovers (branch of activity or business/goodwill)
  • Due diligence
  • Reorganisations (mergers, demergers, participations...)
  • Joint ventures
  • Restructuring
  • Financing operations (capital increase, issue of warrants, redemption, options)

Tax Law

  • Advice on and assistance with tax disputes
  • Applying for a preliminary ruling on direct and/or indirect taxes
  • Property-related tax matters (emphyteusis, usufruct, building leases, real estate leases…)
  • Tax relating to reorganisations (mergers, (partial) demergers, participations, dissolution, switching from a one-man business to a company ...)
  • Local taxes
  • Taxes imposed by public authorities
  • International taxation, double taxation treaties
  • Tax-friendly remuneration
  • Local taxes

Asset planning

  • Gifts
  • Inheritance law and wills
  • Drawing up and amending marriage contracts
  • Advice on family and corporate asset structures (civil-law partnerships, foundations, holdings, asset management companies...)

Commercial law

  • Commercial practices (sales, purchases...)
  • Commercial arbitration
  • Competition law
  • Commercial disputes
  • Drawing up of distribution agreements, concession contracts, trade agreements
  • Consumer law
  • Commercial agencies

Intellectual property rights

  • Trademark law
  • Copyright
  • Database protection
  • Domain names
  • Patent law
  • Protection of know-how
  • Protection of privacy

Companies in difficulties and insolvency

  • Distraints, sureties, preferential rights and mortgages, enforced recoveries
  • Assistance to companies in difficulties (a. o. application of the Business Continuity Act) and restructuring
  • Bankruptcies
  • Credit disputes
  • Rescheduling of debts and negotiating with financial partners, creditors
  • Collection
  • Collection of unpaid invoices
  • Attachments and precautionary attachments
  • Payment deferrals

Security law

  • Loan facility agreements
  • Credit agreements
  • Consumer credit
  • Mortgage credit
  • Sureties
  • Preferential rights and secured claims
  • Pledges

Labour law and social security law

  • Drawing up and amending of employment contracts, labour regulations and internal rules
  • Individual and collective industrial disputes with regard to dismissal, discrimination, strikes, collective redundancies, etc.
  • Employment regulations
  • General well-being and prevention at work
  • Temporary agency work and international employment
  • Restructuring (closures, outsourcing, business transfers...)
  • Social dialogue within companies
  • Social criminal law
  • Social mediation
  • Commercial agencies and other independent cooperation mechanisms
  • Disputes with the NSSO and other government bodies
  • Problems with regard to unemployment, illness, disability and pensions
  • Self-employed status

Urban planning and real estate

  • Purchase-sale, renting and leasing of real estate
  • Property-related issues (collecting rent arrears, construction disputes, amending basic acts, validity of general meetings...)
  • General tenancy law, commercial leases, residential leases
  • Co-ownership
  • Real estate transactions
  • Construction disputes
  • Builders' and architects' liability
  • Property law (ownership, usufruct, easements, building leases, emphyteusis)
  • Public procurement contracts
  • Compulsory acquisitions
  • Environmental regulations, soil decontamination and environmental permits.
  • Planning legislation and planning permits

Arbitration and mediation

  • Whether dealing with issues affecting private clients or with issues governed by commercial law, we invariably try to resolve matters through negotiation and amicable settlement and only choose to take the legal route as a last resort. We always act in consultation and in line with the wishes of our clients and on the basis of clear prior price agreements as regards costs and fees.
  • Our firm also specialises in mediation, both family mediation (with Me Van Eeckhoudt as accredited mediator) and debt mediation (two accredited debt mediators, i.e. Me Taffijn Thierry and Me De Smet).

Private and family law

  • Divorce
  • Proceedings to obtain urgent and provisional measures before the Justice of the Peace
  • Marital issues
    • Parental responsibility and residence of minor children
    • Child maintenance arrangements
    • Drawing up deeds regulating divorce by mutual consent
    • ...
  • Juvenile Court proceedings
  • Post-divorce liquidations and divisions
  • Post-divorce personal maintenance allowance
  • Inheritance issues
  • Liquidation and division of estates
  • Parentage
  • Termination of de facto / legal cohabitation arrangements
  • Drawing up and amending marriage contracts and civil covenants of solidarity
  • Determining joint ownerships
  • Adoption
  • Cross-border family law

Administrative law environmental law and public contracts

  • Public procurement contracts
  • European law on public procurement contracts and environmental law
  • Public-private co-operations (PPCs)
  • Spatial planning and urban development
  • Planning permits
  • Environmental law and environmental permits
  • Issues with regard to compulsory acquisitions
  • Public procurement contracts and civil liability of public authorities
  • Civil servants law
  • Formal statement of reasons with regard to public decisions
  • Subsidies
  • Criminal law in matters of town planning and environmental law

Criminal law and road traffic legislation

  • Road traffic legislation
  • Defence in criminal proceedings (Politierechtbank [Magistrates Court], Correctionele rechtbank [Crown Courts], Hof van Beroep [Court of Appeal], Hof van Assisen [Court of Assize])
  • Civil law proceedings
  • Assistance with judicial investigations
  • Salduz assistance
  • Criminal tax law
  • Economic criminal law
  • Misuse of good faith and corporate assets
  • Fraudulent bankruptcies
  • Forgery of private accounts
  • Swindle
  • Handling of stolen goods
  • Anti-money-laundering legislation
  • Criminal liability of legal persons
  • Social criminal law